There is nothing great about Great Britain anymore. On the contrary, the country is a cesspool of corruption wherein central government is, for the large part, a criminal racketeering enterprise and most of its public authorities are guilty of gross human rights violations.

The UK’s courts are places of injustice and criminality wherein the majority of judges are being steered politically. Courts are being weaponized and used in conjunction with insolvency legislation to defraud creditors and to asset strip innocent parties.
There is widespread deployment of civil restraining orders to prevent aggrieved parties from ever getting justice and in most cases the corrupt judges simply ignore all of the evidence, the facts and the applicable laws to feed corrupt lawyers that are often affiliated with.

The courts are cash cows, used by unscrupulous lawyer liars and members of the insolvency criminal racketeering enterprise to conceal widespread fraud and wrongdoing whilst assisting white collar criminals in making further disproportionately inflated gains founded by principal frauds.    Judges deny all remedy and string the aggrieved party out through protracted litigation to assist fellow members of the cabal in making huge gains in costs that were founded by those principal frauds and illegality.

The rule of the laws of the United Kingdom are wholly diminished and the corrupt public office holders actively collude on a widespread basis to conceal fraud, pedophilia and human rights abuse.

We have consistently pushed these issues that are clearly in the national public interest to sort out, putting incontrovertible evidence of corruption and serious wrongdoing in front of many different ministers and regulatory authorities, they all do the same, seeks to conceal, stonewall and ignore. In essence, they are all complicit in a massive cover up exercise to enable this out of control corruption to prevail. The ministers and other officials flagrantly breach their oaths to act in the public interest according to the law and the constitutional principles that underpin our democracy have vanished from today’s establishment.

Our organisation, Intelligence UK, investigated many different cases wherein we have identified a national deployment of the gross malfeasance and human rights abuse wherein the courts are used as the means to achieve injustice.

The Tory government last year gave all senior judges a pay rise exceeding £60,000. A Chancery High Court Judge earns £236,000 per annum courtesy of the taxpayer, but most of them are an abuse of the public’s trust and form part of this state sponsored criminal racketeering enterprise designed to asset strip innocent parties.  Their perks and financial incentives are included by means of offshore dividends.   The money that is being defrauded by the racketeering enterprise is pooled into offshore funds and distributed to the corrupt judges, politicians and ministers by means of dividends and financial bribery is commonplace.    This problem is not new, it has been going on for years, it has just got worse.

Stop UK corruption

Mainstream media in the UK are controlled by thee corrupt establishment and freedom of the press is vastly compromised, that is, again a major driver for this out of control corruption and human rights abuse.   The public are being abused and deceived on a widespread basis.   It was however, the public that elected these self-serving criminals that wilfully fail to act in the pubic interest according to the law.  It is the public that must now stand united to pull them down and bring them to justice.