Our open letter to the dishonest Prime Minister - head of the taxpayer sponsored criminal racketeering enterprise

Mr Johnson MP, 

Breach of the Ministerial Code and diminishment of the rule of law:

You have all been colluding to conceal the indictable offences and frauds committed by the football hooligans and the aptly named "Womble" Bond Dickinson and their alcoholic dishonest purported barrister whilst interfering and with and coercing our judiciary to act contrary to the oaths they took to act "according to the law, without favour or ill-will".

You have been providing impunity to fraudsters and fellow members of your cabal in detriment to the public interest and those actions are clearly contrary to the law. Your Party have some form in concealing pedophilia and fraud, it is what you do. It is a case of justice subject to status. The correct terminology in application is "systemic corruption" and we recently produced an article on that very topic, you should read it, you will note the synergies.

You are in breach of the Ministerial Code and you have wilfully failed in your duty to act in the interests of the nation as a whole to curb the weaponisation of our courts and the corrupt public authorities that have been asset stripping innocent parties whilst deliberately failing to act according to the law and in the interests of justice.

You milked the coronavirus outbreak, failing the public, driving SMEs and individuals into bankruptcy so that the jobsworth, Alok Sharma, as Minister, Secretary of State of the corrupt Insolvency Service / BEIS can profiteer off the back of it. He too has been abusing his position to conceal the same fundamental frauds.

You are supposed to act with honesty, integrity, leadership... (the 7 principles of public life that underpin the code), you are a failure, a deliberate failure and a dishonest parasite sucking the integrity and the Great out of Britain, yet another Conservative quisling. You shall be prosecuted and publicly exposed.

Breach of the Parliamentary oath:

The constitutional oaths that were designed to protect our people from tyranny are made a mockery of by you and your fellow taxpayer sponsored state terrorists, the judicial and parliamentary oaths have "gone out of the window" along with integrity, honesty, accountability, selflessness leadership, objectivity, openness and the rule of law generally:

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, swear by Almighty God that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, her heirs and successors, according to law. So help me God.

Liars are not leaders:

Liars are not leaders, you lie because you are character deficient and you seek to hide the truth. If the leadership are liars it is to be expected that the standards will depreciate and the rule of law will become decimated over time. Liars lack integrity and if leadership are proven liars, it is par for the course that everything underneath them will be infested with a lack of integrity leading to the breakdown of the rule of law, our justice system, the public authorities and our democracy. That is precisely what has happened and you are wholly to blame, along with the dishonest cowards you and your sick, deluded party of white collar criminals have recruited who readily interfere with criminal and civil justice to provide impunity for fellow members of your taxpayer sponsored criminal racketeering network.

A criminal racketeering network of taxpayer sponsored state terrorists:

Burnett of Maldon, Buckland, Alok Sharma, Greg Clark , Leadstom, Gauke, to name a few. They are all corrupt parasites and the system is entirely complacent and out of control to the extent that the compromised judiciary honestly do believe they are subject to impunity.

This out of control corruption has been running roughshod over the public for too long and now we are coming for you all, using international law outside of the jurisdiction of the corrupted courts and the cowardly compromised judges, the order takers who work to support you. You are all responsible for acts of grand corruption and gross human rights abuses.

Your malfeasance in office has directly led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians. You and your kleptocracy are responsible for more deaths on British soil than all of the Islamic state terrorists combined, you are the terrorists operating from within and you have blood on your hands, along with the order takers, the corrupt judges of our secret civil, insolvency, family and criminal courts who are there only to serve injustice, stripping innocent civilians of their homes and businesses, destroying people’s lives under the instruction of your fellow kleptocrats.

Buckland or as many may rightfully describe (F)xxkland takes the Great away from Britain, another fellow thug taxpayer sponsored state terrorist at the helm of our failed justice system

We shall release the evidence we sent you that you have sat on for all of this time and evaded to protect Buckland, the equally deceitful pathological liar and coward responsible for interfering with and coercing our judiciary along with Ian Burnet.

Boris the liar - UK corruption news

We refer to the most recent in the Guardian: In Boris Johnson's long history of lies, the Marcus Rashford one is the strangest

Who wants deceitful cowardly liars as leaders?

You lack integrity, therefore you are easy to bribe and that is precisely what has been happening. You and the rest of your cabal are responsible for the ruination of the rule of law and the constitutional principles that underpin our democracy. Those that are morally bankrupt will naturally fail to act according to the law, will abuse the rules and will allow others they are responsible for to do the same.

We know that you have read our evidence in relation to Buckland, but he just continued to interfere with our justice system, resulting in yet another mala fide order produced by one of the offenders disguised as a judge, just yesterday. You just sit on it concealing the most serious fraud and dishonesty on the part of the compromised controlled judiciary and their collaborators. That suits you to a T, which is why all of the investigations into Tory election fraud and all of the rest of the cover ups go adrift, because you are controlling the police, who have become mere soldiers to your corrupt establishment and indeed the entire justice system, run by like minded morally bankrupt criminals.

That is not acting “according to the law” nor “in the interests of the nation as a whole” and you have, it is proven therefore, breached both your oath and the 7 principles of public life that underpins the Ministerial Code and therefore officially, on today's date, your occupation in public office is ultra vires and is unlawful. You must therefore resign forthwith and you are subject to a criminal prosecution along with the rest of your cohorts.

We refer to some, but far from all of the articles against you in the public domain:

Boris Johnson is a shameless pathological liar who will let you down'

Boris Johnson’s Coronavirus Lies Are Killing Britons

BBC's David Dimbleby attacks 'liar' Boris Johnson

The Decline and Fall of British Lying

Everyone has had enough of the corruption and now we the people are coming for you to remove you and your fellow kleptocrats from power, for the good of our country and our future generations.

You are on notice and this notice shall be made public knowledge in the interim.


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