The legal cabal are totally out of control on a mission to take over our country – Time for action

The regulators don’t regulate, the police don’t police and they all act merely as soldiers for the corrupt establishment to provide impunity to the corruptors, the parasitical infestation of lawyers in public office and in leadership positions.

The courts have been weaponised as places of injustice and human rights abuse, the judiciary are influenced by kleptocrats, the principles of natural justice are diminished, it has gone to the dogs along with impartiality and the rule of law. Let's face up to it, we have a third rate justice system ruinated by the establishment that makes third world justice systems far superior. It is not "world class", as Burnett implies, it is altogether lacking class.

Let’s take a look at what’s going on, logic before law

Lawyers are not leaders, the seasoned lawyer is a master of trickery and deceit, deploying a spin of legal jargon and citations in litigation of often irrelevant case law to confuse and dupe his opposition into submission, or, in the alternative, to spin his opposition around in circles through protracted proceedings, evading all of the arguments to their advantage, until they run out of steam and submit to their spin, the web of trickery and deceit.

Collusion and favouritism in the lawyer / judge relationship is second nature, they are encouraged to join freemasonry and freemasons look after one another. The large corporates have their own favoured Queen’s Counsel’s (QC’s) whom they regularly deploy as judges to fight their battles. On one day they are providing their client with advice and on the next they are in court sitting as a judge against their client’s opposition. The conduct is prolific, conflicts of interest are undeclared.

Liar lawyers are not leaders

Lawyers take instructions, they do not give them, they are led, they do not lead, by nature. Legal training teaches programmatic avoidance of risk and reduction of failure without taking chances, traits that make a good lawyer do not make good leadership qualities.

Leaders think on their feet and proceed to lead confidently trusting in one’s instinct primarily, leaders are not guided by the textbook or the instruction and advice of others. These leadership traits are the opposite of the lawyer’s training and indoctrination. Leaders lead and sheep follow, they follow others and follow orders.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery, the famous French author, aristocrat and poet cited that:

“If you want to build a boat, do not instruct the men to saw wood, stitch the sails, prepare the tools and organise the work. Instead, make them long for setting sail and travel to distant lands”.

Great leaders create inspiration by forward thinking, confident decision making and flawless character. Skullduggery and the general immorality that ensues in fighting legal battles creates flaws and moral bankruptcy. Lawyers lose emotivity and long to cause harm to their opposition for their own financial gain, put crudely but precisely, it is the truth. That culture and mentality makes the opposite of good leadership, a culture of corruption, secrecy and deceit is a surefire breeding ground when lawyers are put at the helm, this is, in a nutshell where it’s all gone horribly wrong in the UK.

Our public officers under the Crown and all our ministers are sworn in to act with integrity, honesty, openness, accountability, selflessness, objectivity and leadership. Those basic principles, known as the 7-Principles of Public Life or the Nolan Principles are contrary to the practices of the legal profession generally.

How can one possibly encourage others to set sail based upon an immoral embedded culture of secrecy, trickery and deceit?

If the ones at the top, the leaders are rotten then it is clear the standards will drop, the rules and laws won’t be enforced and the rot will set in throughout the system. That is precisely what has happened, it is the immoral conduct and lack of quality leadership that sinks the ship, we cannot set sail when the ship is sinking and it’s the deadweight leadership putting holes in it.

The ship is sinking - UK corruption news

Kier Sarmer – Leader of the Labour Party

There is a core of rot set on both sides of the fence. Kier Starmer, head of the Labour Party formerly Director of Public Prosecutions and Head of the CPS until 2013, was appointed a QC in 2002 and in 2014 was appointed a Knight Commander of the Order of Bath, during the Queen’s New Year Honours. The Order of the Bath is an order of chivalry, founded in 1725, a national recognition for service of the highest calibre. The order, originating from the Knights Templar, has a civil and military division and is awarded in the following ranks, Knight of the Grand Cross (GCB), Knight Commander (KCB) and Companion (CB). The Order of Knight Masons is a masonic order open to all Master Masons who are also members of a Mark Lodge and a Royal Arch Chapter, the post is enshrined in freemasonry as indeed is the legal profession.

Starmer assisted in concealing the Jimmy Saville scandal whilst at the CPS after they failed to prosecute four allegations of sexual assault in 2009 against the pedophile. Starmer was forced by public exposure and was pressured to conduct a review, leading to his apology in 2013 for failing in duty.

Kier Starmer & the Savile scandal - Leadership material?

A total of 589 alleged victims of abuse had come forward during ongoing investigations, with 450 of them alleging abuse by Savile. The CPS report cited that during a police interview under caution, Savile made threats against officers if sexual abuse allegations against him did not "disappear". The culture of impunity was as clear then, a case of justice subject to status, not what you know but who you know as indeed it is today, the issue is rife.

Starmer was inadvertently caught out covering for Savile whilst leader of the CPS who failed to prosecute the pedophile, he goes on to become leader of the Labour Party, hardly possessing any role model qualities, let alone leadership material. The establishment tends to award for disgraceful immoral behavior, with Savile himself receiving a Knighthood. Starmer's record alone hardly encourages his underlings to “set sail”, leading by example, a string of failings and cover ups originating from a culture of deceit and concealment.

"Let's kill all the lawyers"

The famous line quoted by William Shakespeare from Shakespeare's Henry VI, Part 2, Act IV, Scene 2 cited that "The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers".

UK corruption news - Out with the liar lawyers and the corrupt establishment!

Dick the Butcher,suggesting that one of the ways the band of pretenders to the throne can improve the country is to kill all the lawyers. It was the corrupt, unethical lawyers he was referring to and in fact, there is, metaphorically speaking, in the modern world, much truth in the analogy, although, we don’t advocate killing them literally, we do need to take drastic action to take back control. It’s all about the leadership.

Buckland QC – Lord Chancellor & head of the injustice system with “Ian from Essex”

On the other side of the fence, the Conservative cabal, we have much worse. Robert Buckland QC, the leader of our broken justice system and the pizza lover, “Ian from Essex" Lord Chief Justice who have been promoting and remwarding corrupt freemason judges for following their orders, the corpulent quislings and heads of the kleptocracy sit at the helm of the failed justice system have been making a mockery of the rule of law, the principles of justice and the interests of the nation as a whole. They are the ones doing the coercing, interfering in proceedings to pre-determine the outcomes, bridging the constitutional divide between central government and our judiciary.

We thought we had it bad with gormless Gauke, now we have bungling Buckland, pizzagate and Boris and bufoon added to the mix, where on earth do we find these people and just what on earth has gone wrong with our once great country?

Bungling Buckland of our injustice system

In September 2019 Buckland was facing calls to resign after heading up the decision to prorogue Parliament was held by the Supreme Court as being unlawful.

On Twitter, the former Conservative Nick Boles MP, who resigned the party in August 2019 asked whether:

“Robert Buckland and Geoffrey Cox endorse this extraordinary attack on the judiciary? If they want to preserve any shred of dignity or reputation, they should resign from Johnson’s government tonight.”

Meanwhile at the same time also on Twitter, Sarah Church, Labour’s parliamentary candidate for South Swindon, said “You were complicit in misleading the country, Robert Buckland.

“Your government has been found to have acted unlawfully. It’s not up to you to disagree. Your position is untenable.”

During last year’s Labour Party conference in Brighton, Corbyn suggested that the Supreme Court’s ruling had demonstrated Johnson's "contempt for democracy" and an "abuse of power", Boris bore the brunt of it, yet it was the lawyers leading the show, Cox, who was sacked as Attorney General in February this year, but equally culpable is Buckland who was then acting as fellow Minister, Solicitor General of the Attorney General’s Office and instead of being sacked with Cox, the scoundrel got promoted to Lord Chancellor, another subject of impunity we ask? Protection for fellow bretheren?

On 1st February this year Buckland was accused of misleading Parliament, the articles were featured predominantly in The Times and in the leading political publication, Politics Home over cuts to the Crown Court service. Page 1 of the Ministerial Code, section 1.3 sets out that the “Ministerial Code should be read against the background of the overarching duty on Ministers to comply with the law and to protect the integrity of public life. They are expected to observe the Seven Principles of Public Life set out at Annex A”

Section 1.3(c) of the Code sets out that:

“It is of paramount importance that Ministers give accurate and truthful information to Parliament, correcting any inadvertent error at the earliest opportunity. Ministers who knowingly mislead Parliament will be expected to offer their resignation to the Prime Minister” Not Buckland however, he was promoted to Lord Chancellor when it was clear in the public domain, long before he misled Parliament that he had been accused of a form of deceit and professional misconduct. Hardly leadership material, let alone someone worthy of the role in heading up and making positive change to our failed justice system.

In July 2014, it was cited by the Law Society Gazette that Buckland’s appointment as Solicitor General was “an insult to lawyers” after it emerged Buckland had failed to inform the then Prime Minister, Cameron, that he had been found guilty of professional misconduct. Documents from the Inns of Court revealed that Buckland had been found guilty in 2011 of one charge of professional misconduct for breaching the bar’s code of conduct. The guilty charge concerned an incident when Buckland was a governor at Ridgeway School, near Swindon in 2008. Following a racially motivated attack on a pupil at the school, Buckland, tasked with investigating the matter sought to obtain papers in the case from the barrister representing the accused, despite not being entitled to see them. Buckland was found guilty of professional misconduct, along with Robin Shellard, the barrister from whom he had sought the papers.

The regulators of the legal profession don’t regulate

The culture of impunity and dishonest concealment amongst the legal cabal runs throughout it’s regulatory authorities. The Solicitor’s Regulation Authority (“SRA”) is a classic example, a complete failure in its duty to regulate the profession. We investigated over 14 cases of serious solicitor dishonesty and misconduct, the complainants had reported to the SRA and after many months of mooted “investigation” the complaints were closed down.

What the people are saying

We took a look at Trust Pilot, the leading consumer review site. It came as no surprise to us to find that of the 132 reviews against the SRA (one of which being our own) 99% of the were bad, with recent complainants citing that:

Stephen Westbury - “the solicitors complaints bureau became the office for the supervision of solicitors. same people in same offices with same file numbers. just rebranding a useless corrupt organisation dedicated to protecting its the sra.past experience means they will still be the same”

Dear Mr Packwood - Petition parliament to abolish the SRA “How do we go about getting a petition sent to parliament to abolish the SRA because its not fit for purpose and corrupt, WE need a regulator that is not funded by law firms and solicitors, Lets start a signed petition online”

Howell - “I agree with most of the other reviews. I made a detailed complaint of 3 allegations of misconduct against a solicitor who brought an ex-parte Non Molestation Order against me on behalf of her client without a single shred of evidence. The case was thrown out by the Court at the return hearing a week later. The legal costs for my defense - which had to arranged within a week because the solicitor deemed the case to be urgent - were significant (for me)

I complained to the SRA and their reply was that a solicitor's duty is to her client, ignoring the fact the Law Society's Code of Conduct lists 10 duties (including the one about serving the interest of the client). I am now investigating how to take the matter further and possibly bringing the case to the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal, but if I lose then I will have to pay even more fees!

The system is rigged in favour of lawyers (the good, the bad and the ugly) who are the only beneficiaries in all of this. In this rotten legal system, it seems that there is no redress for the innocent.”

The outlook is equally poor for the Bar Standards Board, whilst complaints against their regulatory service are more limited in the public domain, with both of the Trust Pilot reviews being equally shocking and synergising with the multitude of similar complaints against the SRA. On 8th June 2020, a Gary Evans cited that:

Cover up organisation

“The Bar Standards Board is an organisation created by the legal profession to cover up the criminal activity of its members. My defence barrister systematically robbed me of around £40,000 in fees on the false pretense of defending me and then perverted the course of justice to help a fraudster cheat me out of a £500,000 investment. He presented to a judge as genuine, documents, accounts and witness statements which he knew had been faked by the claimant and failed to present one iota of my defence.

He then invented an imaginary law and convinced me I would lose a case on the basis of a law which does not exist. As a result of this, I handed over valuable shares to a fraudster. When I complained to his chambers, he was exonerated on the basis of some documents he supposedly provided however when I asked to see them, I was told they did not possess them as they had since been stolen from his car. I asked the BSB for advice on what would be a breach of their code of conduct for example, lying to a judge, presenting knowingly fake evidence to a judge as genuine, inventing imaginary laws and withholding evidence from the court. I was told that there is nobody working at the Bar Standards Board who knew how to identify misconduct, negligence or malpractice so there was nothing they could do. Please don't make the mistake I did in thinking that legal regulators are there to protect users of legal services. They are not. They are there solely to protect legal professionals.”

It is clear that the legal profession and those they regulate are unaccountable, unregulated and out of control, Shakespere was right.

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