For Landowners

Wind turbines present attractive opportunities for landowners with suitable sites. Once built, wind turbines take very little land, therefore farmers can continue grazing cattle and sheep or cultivating the land right up to the base of the turbines and likewise land can be utilised up to the base of the turbines in an industrial or commercial situation.

We are proactive and flexible in our approach to securing our development opportunities and offer our Land Partners the option of either a rental income, a one off payment at completion of financial close or an equity stake and dividend payments in our project company.

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If you are intending to finance and operate the project yourself, our consulting services are designed to reduce development overheads, making wind energy planning, grid connection and construction as straight forward and cost effective as possible.

What we are looking for:

  • Brownfield or Industrial Land Sites:
  • Sites of the above nature at exposed locations anywhere in Europe would be considered for wind turbine development. We favour partnerships with landowners that synergise with our offer due to the need to offset electricity drawn from the grid against clean energy produced by the wind turbines.

  • Agricultural Land Sites:
  • Poor grade agricultural land sites that are outside of any area of outstanding natural beauty or area of special scientific interest. Your land will be outside of a flood plain zone in an exposed location clear of any tall trees.

    General Requirements:

  • Site must be an area of at least 10 hectares and must be at least 600m from the nearest residential dwelling.
  • Site must have good access via a roadway, track or hard standing to allow crane and articulated lorry access during construction
  • We will carry out a desktop evaluation looking at the local planning policy guidelines possible constraints and grid connection options to establish feasibility. If feasible our standard documentation makes the process of entering into the Option and Lease for the site a straight forward legal process.
  • In order to consider your site for wind energy development please email us with an OS plan showing site boundaries.   Contact us


    We are technically and commercially very capable. We have sought to combine our skill sets and diversify into new European markets by forming alliances with local companies that synergise with our wind power development activities.  Our networking and local partners enable us to empower and deliver wind energy projects broadly across industry, as well as a full range of wind energy consulting services to developers and stakeholders. This strategy increases our reach without losing the local touch of conducting business at a local level.