Our outgoing CEO, Mr Paul Millinder

I founded Intelligence UK after becoming entwined in a most bizarre situation within our courts. I came to get justice in what was a most simple and straight forward case, fundamentally. I studied law and with over 17-years’ experience in all kinds of contentious litigation, I had considered I would be more than adequately placed to fight my own case. I was prepared, but what I was to face was a real eye opener, to put it mildly.

It all started when I embarked upon a scheme to develop and operate what was to be “Europe’s first wind powered football stadium”, I wanted to do something innovative and good for the environment. I had an interest in renewable energy and I wanted to develop wind and solar power projects at the source of where the power is required, offsetting on-site power demands with clean energy generated by the wind and the sun. In the first quarter of 2012 I entered into a contractual relationship to construct and operate a 136 metre high wind turbine in the overflow carpark of Middlesbrough Football Club’s Riverside Stadium. The purpose of the project was to offset the stadium's annual power demands by delivering energy directly from the wind turbine to the stadium via a private wire supply.

Things went horribly wrong, I was duped by the Club into paying them £200,000 for a Lease from which to secure the land where the turbine was to be located, only for the Club to “U-turn” on the grid connection for the turbine two-years later, throwing my investment, along with over three years solid development commitment down the drain. Essentially, the Club had granted me the right to build and operate the turbine and then refused the connection to prevent me from doing so. They unlawfully forfeited the Lease, demanding I paid them for energy supply after refusing the connection to supply energy when contractually no money was due.

I came to court, the High Court of Justice in London to get justice and restitution, yet all remedy was denied. Effectually, the judges embarked on a pre-meditated scheme, stepping into the shoes of Middlesbrough Football Club and their lawyers, perpetrating the fraud, concealing further frauds and acting against me all the way in a futile and malicious way, intending to exhaust me through litigation when I knew my case was proven from the outset.

One bad judge followed in the footsteps of the other, the preliminary considerations of the case were deliberately evaded, resulting in the compromised judiciary deploying a false instrument civil restraining order against me without even trying the issues that went to the heart of the case.

I decided to take a stand and I brought a private prosecution against the perpetrators, 6 judges in total. What I experienced from then on awoke me to the sinister workings of our justice system and public authorities, the judges and court admin staff were being influenced by corrupt politicians who I established to be connected with the Club.

I decided enough was enough, it was time for action, so I, together with like minded colleagues, founded our private intelligence group in March 2017 to assist other victims of corruption. Since then, we have grown into a successful specialist private white collar crime investigation agency dedicated to assisting victims and tackling our the perpetrators of the UK’s endemic domestic corruption and fraud infestations.

Our group has a unique mix of investigatory, legal and investigative journalistic talent, it is our aim to awaken the public with compelling, factually accurate niche content and news articles, to publish what the controlled mainstream media do not, to expose and prosecute the corruptors and to restore the rule of law and our constitutional principles that underpin our democracy.

Help us by spreading our news far and wide, informing your friends and family and by staying in touch with us as we continue in our quest to restore the rule of law and tackle the perpetrators.

P. Millinder