Biomass Heat & Power

Biomass wood is a carbon neutral renewable energy source, derived both from virgin timbers as well as recycled wood co-products. The carbon emitted during combustion of biomass wood is equal to that absorbed by the originating tree during its lifetime of photosynthesis and the wood is derived from sustainable sources.

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"Empowering Biomass provides your business with long term protection from rapidly inflating gas and oil heating prices. We plan, develop, construct and operate biomass heating and power systems on a fully funded basis, delivering biomass heat and power across a wide range of industry sectors at no cost to the end user."

A commercial biomass boiler could significantly reduce your operation's utility overheads and cut heating bills long term, whilst doing for bit to reduce carbon emissions.

Our operating company will install, maintain and operate a biomass boiler or a biomass combined heat and power ("CHP") system at no cost to you, we retain the Renewable Heat Incentive payments for the heat we produce and we will deliver that heat to your facilities at rates substantially lower than gas heating.

Our scheme is available throughout the UK, Northern Ireland the Republic of Ireland aimed at end users including local authorities, sports stadia, hotel chains, manufacturing outlets and meat processing facilities. Our European biomass power development activities are focused operation of medium to large scale biomass boilers and district heating systems, where a centralised boiler provides heating and hot water, or a biomass combined heat and power generator delivers both heat and electricity.

Contact us today for a no obligation evaluation to find out how much you could save.