Aviation Impacts, Radar, Radio & Telecommunications

More than half of all wind farm developments are subject to objections from aviation stakeholders. Wind turbine blades can appear as sources of intermittent "clutter" on an air traffic control radar screen and may occasionally be mistaken for aircraft by air traffic controllers. Planning authorities have little or no understanding of air traffic control or the specialised field of wind turbine radar interference and without expert assistance, do not have the ability to make a determination without consulting thrid parties. Overcoming such objections can therefore be extremely costly and somewhat daunting as planning authorities are more often than not guided by the aviation stakeholder rather than the developer

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Empowering cuts through the technical jargon that is more often than not associated with aviation stakeholder objections in order to establish the fundamental technical concerns. We drill down into the cause of the objection and where such can be substantiated, we engage with both the developer and aviation stakeholders to identify potential solutions. We have been extremely successful in removing and countering even the most complex aviation related objections and we have sought to apply our specialist knowledge to provide a streamlined range of aviation radar interference consulting services that work in the best interests of the wind developer.

We have established relationships with several of the Country's leading air traffic control and aviation experts who synergise with our consulting approach andengage with us in solving a wide range of aviation related objections. Where it is deemed that radar mitigation is necessary, we will procure the most cost and time efficient method, enaging with both aviation stakeholders and radar technology providers to define and implement an appropriate solution.

Radio, TV & Telecommunications  

Wind turbines, like other tall structures may also impact upon radio, telecoms receptors, microwave fixed links and television signals. Early consultation is required in wind development to establish any such impacts and to identify potential solutions and associated costs.